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Speaking Engagements

B+E staffers have a wealth of both business and creative experience and enjoy spreading the good word both to corporate clients and industry professionals, outlining new ways to approach business and creative endeavors. B+E also welcomes opportunities to speak with and inspire the next generation of creative and business leaders.

The following are a few of our 2013 public speaking topics and events.

  • Industry Topics: How to Make a Living as an Artist
    C2E2 Pop Culture Expo, April 2013

    Andy Schmidt led a panel discussion on the nature of making a living as an artist, highlighting easy and inexpensive strategies to maximize profit off of one’s art.

  • Media Writing: Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels
    C2E2 Pop Culture Expo, April 2013

    An in-depth look at writing specifically in the medium using sequential art for periodical publications as well as longer form graphic narrative fiction.

  • Brand and IP Strategy: Business and Creative Goals
    San Diego Comic-Con, July 2013

    The B+E team attended SDCC and discussed how proper business and creative planning leads to powerful brands and franchises. The central idea being that business and creative goals and content ideally should be produced simultaneously, and feed one another. The B+E team outlined their unique strategy in such developmental efforts for IP generation.

  • Brand and IP Strategy: Dissecting Brands
    San Diego Comic-Con, July 2013

    The B+E team broke down the pop culture icon Batman to his core elements, showing how and why the character and the brand are so flexible and malleable as well as giving insights on how to develop a new brand to share in those characteristics.

  • Media Storytelling: Sequential Art and Storytelling Fundamentals
    San Diego Comic-Con, July 2013

    B+E’s Andy Schmidt sat with comic book legend Klaus Janson for an intimate talk about graphic narrative storytelling and art as well as the traits it takes to make it in the competitive industry.

  • Best Practices: Working with Artists
    San Diego Comic-Con, July 2013

    Andy Schmidt presented strategies and best practices for business and individuals to work with creative people. The central idea is that the quality of work that comes out of this relationship has as much to do with managing the relationship as it does with the talent of the individual creator. Andy’s strategies ensure that the best creative output is achieved, while cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship in the process.

  • Industry Topics: Breaking Into the Comic Book Business and Staying In It
    San Diego Comic-Con, July 2013

    Andy Schmidt led a panel on career management and development for aspiring creators and seasoned professionals within the Entertainment Industry, specifically within the field of comic books and graphic novels.

  • Project Management: The Art of Collaboration
    Go To Meeting Webinar, November 2013

    B+E CEO Andy Schmidt was the presenter for Go To Meeting’s webinar on how to work with creatives and manage their skills and time effectively so that a team can deliver an amazing final product. The webinar was attended by over 1,300 professionals.

  • Industry Topics: Brand Reinvention
    Cumberland Public Library, November 2013

    B+E's Andy Schmidt led an intimate discussion on how to re-create an IP and reinvent it, using Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy as an example, based on Andy’s own experience spearheading the re-creation of the franchise at Marvel Comics and paving the way to the August 2014 release of the major motion picture with the same title.

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