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How We Work

Consulting Strategy

Our strategies are based on your needs. We are able to analyze the current marketplace and your business and creative strategies with your brand in that marketplace. We specialize in strategizing launches across media platforms for maximum effect--both creatively and financially. If need be, we can execute those strategies from package to plate.

Our high-powered and well-connected team is able and willing to take on any entertainment-based challenge and we are ready to exceed your expectations. Our process is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Analyze
    • Research and evaluate your business and creative goals.
    • Research and evaluate your brand or IP.
  2. Strategize
    • Use analysis and create a clear, executable strategy to develop your property or brand in an effective way.
    • Build a roadmap that includes the marketing strategy, creative content, and media involved over a multi-year plan.
  3. Execute
    • Utilize seasoned professionals who understand both business needs and great creative content to bring your brand—not just to market—but to life.
    • The resulting effect is engaging your core target, activating them to spread the word about your new quality brand, and selling every aspect of your brand-program.